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Welcome to Trowlock Translations: Trusted Translations

Specialists in language translation from Dutch to English.


You’ve arrived at the website of a translation and editing company with people behind it who prioritise and believe in:

-      properly understanding you, the client and your needs

-      sticking to what is agreed

-      ensuring that you - the client - receive a perfect result, tailor-made to your requirements

-      providing you with quality, reliability and rapid response

You probably arrived here because you have a text that you want to bring successfully and clearly to others who do not understand the Dutch language. You want to make sure that the translation is in perfect and clearly understandable English. Maybe you already have the English text and you want it edited; Trowlock provides this service as well.


English is the world’s most important language of communication

Now that English has become the international lingua franca, it is important that your English text be clear, correct, properly written and free of “Dutchisms”** - see “SOME QUESTIONS ANSWERED”

Your text may be a story, sales pitch, marketing brochure, product presentation, letter, contract, annual account statement, report, menu, technical manual, advertisement, publication, website, internal communication, press article, note etc – whatever. Click link for more details

You want it translated well, on time and at the right price…. 

You have come to the right place – Trowlock Translations.

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